Kit dotazioni

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Equipment Management

As we understand the needs of large fleets we developed an innovative solution, particularly dedicated to the Rent a Car market, with a kind of virtual “Vehicle Document Folder” that contains all the images together with the related equipment and the relevant data.

For each vehicle a standard kit of equipment is expected and at the end of the first step of the process, our system checks any missing items and sends the relevant alert to the process owner in order to complete it.

This solution offers the rental operators immediate access to all of the documents and equipment and, if needed, through simply accessing the web platform, a request for an item can be issued electronically and Safo sends the item immediately to the requested location (no phone call or email). All movements are tracked and we ensure all the items are present and ready to be returned at the end of the vehicle life.

This is an example of a Standard Vehicle Kit:

  • Certificate of Ownership
  • Insurance Tag
  • Ignition Key (more than one if applicable)
  • Warranty ticket
  • Key Code
  • Sat Nav SD / DVD
  • First Aid Kit

This platform is kept secure with access restrictions designed to satisfy the requirements of Rent a Car companies that can have a real time control across all the phases of their document and equipment process flow.

These are the main benefits coming from our innovative solution:

  • Documents, equipment, movements and data are available in real time on the «Virtual Folder»
  • Real time evidence for missing items.
  • No litigation or charges from OEM at the Buy Back stage for missing items.
  • Cost and timesavings to request and retrieve an item. Just a few clicks on the portal.